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How the new Minister for Small Business will impact you

Yet another Federal Minister for Small Business has been named, along with a new parliamentary secretary for small business. Phoebe Netto was interviewed by Fairfax to hear her perspective on the impact on small business as a result of the appointment of Gary Gray as small business minister and Bernie Ripoll as parliamentary secretary for small business.

Part 4: Getting media savvy – How do you pitch a story idea to a journalist over the phone?

So you’ve racked your brain and come up with a great story idea that you just know a journalist will love. You’ve done your research and know which journalists are most likely to go for it, plus you’ve got a great photograph to go with it! The hard part’s done, right? Wrong.

Unfortunately, pitching stories to journalists is a daunting task. Here’s what you need to know to pitch your story to journalists over the phone.

Part 1: Getting media savvy – What should you say when a journalist calls?

Do you know what to do if a journalist calls you? What about if you decide that you are tired of seeing your competitor receiving all the great coverage – would you know where to start? Did you know that what might be interesting to many people that you speak with about your business, might not actually be interesting to the media?

This is Part One in a five-part series that will cover some of the basics to improve your media know-how.

Losing motivation halfway through a task?

The beginning of the year can be filled with excitement at starting a new year, hopefully motivated and regenerated from some time off over Christmas. However, before you know it, those tasks that you have started start to become less exciting and seem harder to complete. Ever wonder why that is?

In a recent research experiment, participants were given the task of proofreading nine essays to see assess their pattern of motivation over the course of the task.

Brace yourself for growth in the new year

In a growth period, a small business will suffer if there is a lack of consistency, systems, processes, outsourcing and customer care. If you do not have these areas under control mistakes will be made, existing clients may feel neglected, your workload will not be sustainable, and you will not encourage long-term growth.

Small businesses should see quieter periods such as the Christmas break as opportunities to prepare their business for growth.

Toy and Game Expo on The TODAY Show

Your business in the media: how to make it a reality

Most PR agencies will suggest that you send media releases or media kits to as many journalists as possible in the hopes of generating positive coverage for your business. However, for many small-to-medium sized businesses, this technique rarely works. So how DO you get media coverage for your business?


What David Jones and Click Frenzy can teach small business

The lead up to Christmas is traditionally one of the busiest periods for retailers. This year, however, online sales in Australia have been poor, and some businesses have managed to do more harm than good to their reputations by hosting a string of disastrous online sales. What can small businesses learn from two recent online sale disasters?