Dr David Hills, founder of iNEEDa Dentist, standing in dentist waiting room

How good customer service cures dentist dread

‘Going to the dentist’ never tops the list of people’s favourite things to do, but this business is out to prove that a positive customer experience will have people coming back. Dr David Hills, founder of our client iNEEDa Dentist, shares on Sky Business News how to create a positive customer experience.

Phoebe Netto, founder of Pure Public Relations, on Sky Business News' Marketing Matters program, sharing about public relations (PR) for SMEs

Why businesses need to brave up and promote themselves

Through my work, I meet so many small business owners who don’t realise how powerful their experience and advice can be for other business owners. And, more importantly, how telling it well can drive preference for their business over their competitors. Public Relations (PR) is indeed a powerful tool!