Phoebe Netto

About Phoebe Netto, Founder

Phoebe Netto is the founder and Managing Director of Pure Public Relations, previously known as Good Business Consulting.


Phoebe honed her PR and marketing skills working with Sydney PR agencies, large and small, but felt frustrated that small and medium-sized businesses couldn’t access the expertise that big budgets could.


Founding her own agency, Good Business Consulting, was the natural next step to share her “big business” experience with small and medium-sized businesses and not-for-profit organisations. In 2016, she changed the name to Pure Public Relations and narrowed the focus to PR, and she seriously loves her work. No business is too boring or technical, and no issue is too hard.


Phoebe handpicks her team for their skills and know-how, as well as their shared belief that the size of a business shouldn’t determine the quality of advice, service, and results it receives.


Phoebe is very involved in regular community and charity work, and is a member of the Red Cross NSW Divisional Advisory Board.

About Mary-Anne Boustany,
Public Relations Manager

Mary-Anne has worked in vertical industry public relations for more than ten years. In private practice she was responsible for communication strategy, counsel and implementation.


She has led major PR communication projects from inception through to completion in a range of market sectors including financial services, information technology, industry and utilities.


Mary-Anne’s experience goes beyond pure media relations. Her involvement in community relations, event management, issues management, sponsorship and government and political stakeholder communications has seen her manage several in-house corporate relations positions for major consultancy clients.


Her impressive track record includes managing public relations for multinational and large listed organisations through to small-to-medium sized businesses.


Mary-Anne has a BA (Language Studies) and MA (Communication Management), and is fluent in multiple languages.