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Mary MacKillop Foundation

About This Project

Charity Mary MacKillop Foundation wanted media coverage that would secure sponsors, compel people to donate and to bring awareness to their grants for charitable community groups.

How we helped

  • Created newsworthy angles for media coverage.
  • Reached out to their network, including the community groups they support, to build a bank of stories for media.
  • Developed sponsorship proposals.
  • Promoted their events, new initiatives and other newsworthy items.
  • Assisted with development of marketing strategy.


  • The charity received significant sponsorship funding.
  • National media coverage:
    • Television including The Project
    • Radio including top three radio programs in each state of Australia
    • Major newspapers
    • Online news
    • Not-for-profit trade media and Catholic media outlets
    • Local news
  • The media coverage captured attention, built credibility and showcased the charity‚Äôs great work leading to higher community involvement, donations and grant applications.
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