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Mood Media

About This Project

Since starting with Pure Public Relations in 2017 we have worked strategically to tell the story of Mood Media’s long, illustrious history.

A story of innovation as the company who brought background music to Australia, to present day as Australia’s leading provider of sensory marketing and retail/hospitality experience across background music, digital signage, and fragrance.

How we help

Being best in your field is not enough – people need to know about it. Pure Public Relations brings Mood Media and the possibilities they can bring, to potential clients’ attention via the media.


Mood Media has featured in:

  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Herald Sun
  • Brisbane Times
  • Courier Mail
  • Regularly featured in retail media
  • Regularly featured in media and marketing media
  • Business media such as MyBusiness, Dynamic Business, Inside Small Business
  • Industry verticals such as Architecture & Design, Drinks Trade, Radioinfo, The Music Network
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