About This Project

pixevety offers a private and secure solution for managing and sharing photos of children. The company provides state of the art, real-time consent technology that helps reduce privacy and data breach risks. pixevety’s mission is to protect children’s digital identity through simple, safe, smart and secure tech solutions.


How we work


With the aim of growing brand awareness, Pure Public Relations transformed pixevety CEO and co-founder Colin Anson into the go-to voice for any stories about image privacy and management. Colin is now regularly and actively approached for comment on stories in the mainstream press as an expert in his field.


Through a combination of case studies, media releases, opinion pieces and advice articles, pixevety has appeared in radio interviews, newspapers, magazine, and online publications around Australia. These span education, parenting, business, tech and news media – anywhere pixevety’s potential customers might be.


Pure Public Relations provides media and marketing training tools to the pixevety team, including intensive workshops which deep dive into the company’s marketing strategy. The most recent workshop explored pixevety’s current marketing and customer journey, and discovered key areas of growth and opportunity for the business.




Pixevety has seen an uplift in inquiries and interest as a direct result of Pure Public Relations’s consistent push for media coverage.


pixevety CEO and co-founder Colin Anson

Media coverage highlights for pixevety includes:

  • The Australian
  • ABC Radio Hobart
  • ABC Radio Southern Queensland
  • ABC Radio Illawarra
  • Lifehacker
  • Education Review
  • Kiddipedia
  • CSO
  • The Educator
  • Education Matters
  • Essential Kids
  • Belonging Early Years
  • Wellness Daily
  • Female
  • My Business
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