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Sofa Brands

About This Project

Launching to disrupt the Australian furniture industry through quality Italian designed furniture at reasonable prices, Sofa Brands engaged Pure Public Relations to create awareness of the company and drive interest in partnership opportunities, through both B2C (consumer) and B2B (business and industry trade) media.

As one of the early pioneers in developing China’s production and export of furniture to Australia, USA and Europe, Sofa Brands founder Steve Layton has worked with most of the biggest retailers over the past 30 years.

However, while Steve Layton is one of the key players in the Australian furniture industry and a serial entrepreneur, he was unheard of by media.

Pure Public Relations moved Steve from being behind-the-scenes and unknown outside of his industry, to being written about and interviewed in national and U.S. media – reaching a huge targeted audience. We made a complex international supply and retail agreement newsworthy and accessible by positioning it as a disruptive joint-venture that is set to reshape the industry.

How We Helped

Pure Public Relations created and implemented a three-prong media strategy – consumer, business and industry (furniture). Positioning CEO and founder Steve Layton as a long-standing expert in the furniture industry, the campaign conveyed why there was a need for the company like Sofa Brands in the Australian marketplace.

Media coverage was secured through news releases as the disrupter entered the market, expert comments and thought leadership articles.


Sofa Brands has been featured in:

  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • The Age (Melbourne)
  • Canberra Times
  • Brisbane Times
  • WA Today
  • Talking Business with Alan Kohler
  • Qantas magazine
  • Business Essentials
  • Beyond 8 Figures podcast
  • Inside Retail
  • Furniture Today
  • Australian Retailers Association
  • Dynamic Business
  • Inside Small Business
  • Anthill
  • First5000
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