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Pure Public Relations is a boutique PR agency in Sydney and Melbourne, with clients across Australia. We are known for PR that achieves tangible results for your business.

But that’s not all.

Some other differences:

  • No juniors. Your results come from experienced senior consultants and PR masters who mentor heads of other PR agencies.
  • You don’t get a cookie-cutter PR program. Your business gets a tailored PR strategy that fits your budget and meets your KPIs.
  • Don’t think your business is newsworthy? Think again. We specialise in niche businesses, not for profits (NFPs) and businesses that lack glitz or an obvious angle for the news. It’s your passion that matters.
  • We understand charities and not-for-profits. Our team comprises experienced volunteers, and we regularly offer work for charities at reduced cost.
  • We give. When you work with us, you’re also supporting charities in need, as we consistently donate a portion of our profits.

It’s PR but not like you know it.

Our value is measured in outcomes, not outputs

This is particularly important for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). PR for SMBs cannot simply tick boxes and call them meaningful results. Securing a certain number of media clips, for example, does not necessarily mean good outcomes for the business. Your PR must tie in with your marketing and business goals, and be strategic in making sure it is truly beneficial.


We share the belief that being a small or medium-sized business doesn’t mean achieving small results.


We know that small and medium-sized businesses face distinct challenges. So our approach needs to be unique.


The way we spend our time is tailored to the constraints that are common to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). We also leverage the passion, hard work, enthusiasm and agility of SMBs.


To find out about our public relations services designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, call (02) 9688-3325 or contact us here.


We all know that how our business is presented to our customers is one of the most important factors in its success. How the business or not-for-profit is perceived will ultimately determine how successful we are at reaching our target market and converting potential customers or supporters into genuine buyers and donors. Read More

As a result, many companies invest in marketing and advertising strategies. But marketing is only aspect of the communications strategy that should be used to improve your brand awareness and achieve your goals. By working with one of the top boutique PR agencies Sydney has to offer, you will be able to significantly enhance not just the awareness of your brand, but also (and crucially) the overall extent to which your business is considered to be relevant and trustworthy by your customers.

The Benefits of Great Public Relations

PR is newsworthy and influential content. Advertising is whatever you can afford it to be. Good public relations agencies will do its homework and only create campaigns that involve working with publications that are considered relevant to your ideal customers.

Your PR agency should understand the media and what makes your business newsworthy for a journalist, producer or editor. You might be excited about hiring a new sales manager but is that really worth a press release? If something isn’t newsworthy, a good PR agency won’t offer it to the media—they won’t even write the press release. Instead, they will suggest alternative ways to promote your business.

By only sending great stories to the media, the PR agency creates great relationships that results in media coverage. This public endorsement of your products and/or services will ultimately create brand recognition and influence your target market.

In has been proven time and again that by adding PR to the communications mix, rather than soley relying on advertising and marketing, is highly cost-effective in extending your reach and growing your influence - meaning your business can save money while enhancing its reputation and expanding its customer base.

A top PR agency will find the right angle to make something newsworthy. Instead of bragging about how great an organisation is, the right kind of PR will show how important a cause or impressive an organisation is by sharing your expertise or case studies, or by communicating your newsworthy activities, whether that’s winning an award, doing important research, speaking at events, being interviewed by journalists, or performing noteworthy acts.

To show your potential clients and supporters the best parts of your brand and enhance your, or your organisation’s, reputation, ask Pure Public Relations for a tailored PR strategy to show you the difference they can make.

Why Work with a Boutique PR Agency

A boutique PR agency can offer Sydney business owners and marketing managers top-quality PR solutions that are customised for your individual business or brand. Being boutique means there are less restrictions from umbrella companies and small means nimble, allowing for quick change and adaptation when required. And when it comes to finding a reputable boutique PR agency in Sydney, locals need never look any further than Pure Public Relations.

A boutique PR agency like ours will be able to work closely with you to develop bespoke solutions to the challenges you face and the goals you want to achieve, ensuring that your PR strategy and projects are closely tailored to the particular needs and preferences of your business.

Top boutique PR agencies are willing to put in the time to use multiple angles, speak to multiple types of media, and get lots of bites out of one cherry that way. They will also invest time and effort to unearth the hidden newsworthy opportunities in the less-than-obvious areas.

A good boutique PR agency is also transparent about their operations and who looks after your account.

Choose One of the Top Boutique PR Agencies in Sydney

Pure Public Relations is proud to have built a strong reputation in the local PR industry as one of the top boutique PR agencies in the Sydney area. As PR specialists, we help our clients develop powerful, sophisticated and effective PR campaigns, using proven tactics, long-standing media contacts and a drive to exceed expectations.

Because our clients are small and medium-sized businesses, we ensure that the current size and scope of an organisation never holds it back – every size of business has the ability to create a connection with its existing and potential clients. Companies and brands whose owners and managers may have presumed they were too small or obscure to access top-quality PR solutions should know that they deserve, and have access to, a top PR agency.

The test of a truly top boutique PR agency is securing coverage for a boring or very technical business. For example, can you think of a way to get a traditional board game in a major newspaper? A dentist in the news for the right reasons? Or a plumber on breakfast TV? We have.

Whether you’re considering using PR tactics to grow awareness of your brand, are simply interested in finding out more about our PR services or if you are in urgent need of assistance with managing an issue or crisis, simply get in touch with a member of our friendly and professional team.

Pure Public Relations is one of the top PR agencies in sydney, providing PR services for medium businesses, not for profit & corporates. No job too big or small. Contact us today.

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