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No one invites a crisis or negative media attention, but when it happens, you need to act swiftly and with a strategic focus. Priority needs to be given to honesty, compassion and responsibility, as well as protecting your organisation and reputation. Read More

Preventing Serious Problems with PR Issues Management

The difference between issues management and crisis management is generally one of severity. An issue may not be an urgent or serious problem but, if allowed to develop, can become so and will eventually develop into a full-blown crisis.

When faced with issues, Pure Public Relations PR agency in Sydney aims to deal with them quickly before they can escalate. It’s possible to take some issues and turn them into a positive story, but it’s important to understand where that line sits.

Managing Issues Early

You might like to pretend it’s never going to happen to you, but the fact is, a COVID-19 crisis could very easily hit any business at any time. Having a plan in place can be a massive help in a time of crisis, and a PR statement is an important part of that plan. I’m going to share some keys to preparing an excellent PR statement ahead of time.

All businesses should have a holding statement ready to go - this is a pre-prepared statement that you prepare ahead of time and hold on to until you need it. Make sure it’s flexible enough to be adapted to the specific conditions of the hypothetical situation if it does occur. All messaging should be designed to assure your staff, customers, and stakeholders and emphasise calm. When writing it, put yourself in the shoes of anyone who might be hearing this potentially alarming information for the first time.

Regular updates is key to managing issues successfully

Make sure you regularly update this statement to reflect the changing conditions of the pandemic itself, as things can change dramatically in a matter of days. Share what you know and don’t be afraid to say what you don’t know and what you will update people on later on.

If you have prepared well and shown at minimum the expected level of care, then you have nothing to hide. Being helpful, transparent, confident in your response, and demonstrating care, will ensure your business is not the problem – the unavoidable effects of living in a pandemic are. It will mean that your business is seen as safe to return to once you have gone through the health protocols such as deep cleaning and isolation.

Minimising Negative Effects

The aim of PR issues management is to recognise, plan, and respond to emerging trends and issues - before they become a problem. The issues we help businesses deal with can be anything from

With an issue management plan in place, it’s far easier to respond to problems before they get out of hand. Strategic planning is one of the most important - and often, missing - parts of the puzzle for businesses large and small when it comes to issues management. Read Less

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Our experienced, trustworthy team can help make a negative situation less stressful.


Reputation and trust are the pillars of a strong business, and can often take years, if not decades, to nurture. Unfortunately, a crisis can unravel all of this hard work in the space of a few hours. The consequences can be dire, from staff walkouts to a major dent in your bottom line. And if the media gets a whiff of the story, the damage can increase exponentially.

While a crisis might feel like the end of the world, the good news is that there’s actually a lot you can do ahead of time to soften the blow. If you can properly prepare before the crisis rears its head, you’ll be far less likely to suffer fatal damage when it strikes.

With a media crisis plan in place, your team will know exactly what to do, where to speak, and how to move forward when facing a potential disaster.

Specialist management when you need it most

Pure Public Relations offer specialist urgent issues management and crisis communication, from dealing with media attention through to communicating with key stakeholders and managing threats to your reputation.

Pure Public Relations can help your business or organisation be prepared with a PR crisis plan. To discuss your issues management needs or to obtain examples of issues management in public relations
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