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Pure Public Relations offers public relations to small and medium-sized businesses, charities and not-for-profits that don’t put limitations on their potential — because we don’t.


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Organisations, including SMEs, start-ups, charities and not-for-profits, have one thing in common: they need people to know, like, and trust them, and they need something that compels them to act. Whether that be compelling ideal clients to sign on or purchase a product, or encouraging donations and support, or creating change or influencing opinions, public relations (PR) can create preference for your organisation. Read More

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When it comes to finding powerful ways to increase awareness of your brand, develop your public image, or communicate your message, your public relations strategy is key. You want to reach as many potential clients and key stakeholders as possible, but you must carefully target the campaign to ensure your organisation and its ethos is relatable and attractive to your audience to drive both new and repeat customers.

But when looking to improve their public relations strategies, Sydney-based businesses – just like businesses all across Australia – are often left wondering where to start.

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Developing a quality PR strategy takes time, but specialist help and guidance can make this process easier, far more successful, and leave your team to focus on what they do best within the business. For those with an in-house marketing team, an external agency means additional, and nimble, expert resources to work in collaboration with your team.

Careful management of media communications can, at times, make or break a business. For example, should there be an issue or crisis the difference between bad publicity and successful damage control could mean determine whether you maintain a trusted and respected reputation.

As a result, there are a huge range of different circumstances why it’s good idea for businesses and not-for-profits to consider one of the excellent public relations companies in Sydney.

The Benefits of Investing in PR Services

Sydney business owners and marketing managers do not always realise the tangible benefits that come from making the decision to work with one of the PR experts that Sydney has to offer. Good PR can help to ensure that more people are aware of your organisation and what it offers.

For example, PR can pave the way for your product or your expertise to be featured in the media, win awards or be promoted by influential people or groups. It has the power to make them interested – even keen – to become a customer.

But strategic public relations can also provide much more than simple brand-awareness.

Well-managed PR campaigns can also create a sense of genuine trust and preference.

For example, if your brand is featured within publications that are read by your potential customers, it builds credibility. If they are publications that your ideal clients hold in high regard because they reflect their values, interests and concerns, having your organisation included as an authority sends the message that yours is a brand that is both relevant to their needs and entirely trustworthy. This also reinforces to your existing clientele that they are making the right decision in choosing your brand.

Similarly, when your ideal clients and important stakeholders see you or your business offering supported by respected industry bodies or influential people –they feel that your business is relevant to them, well-suited to their needs, and more trustworthy than your competitors. It drives preference.

PR can also go one step further than advertising by showing your audience the best parts of your business – not just telling them. It says to your target market: a journalist, publication or influencer that knows my interests or industry, or this government official, or this industry association, chose to support or seek out the advice of this business. Therefore, they must be top of their field and I am more likely to trust them and feel they are right for me. It drives trust.

And PR can also address roadblocks to being chosen over your competitors. For example, if you are a tradie who is brilliant in your craft, people aren’t wanting to know that you are up to date with the latest technical specifications. They want to know that you are OK to invite into their home, that you have deep experience and a solid reputation. So winning industry awards, appearing on TV to demonstrate you are presentable, polite and articulate, boasting positive testimonials, receiving endorsements from influencers who have experienced your work, and having your work featured online – all make selling ‘you’ that much easier.

One of the Top PR Companies Sydney Has to Offer

Pure Public Relations is proud to have built a strong reputation for being one of the most effective and reliable PR companies in Sydney. Unlike many other PR agencies, we’re committed to ensuring that our team is only made up of senior PR consultants who work closely with each of their clients – to thoroughly understand their needs and challenges. We believe the size of a business or not-for profit should not affect the quality of service and, as a result, we’re able to help small and medium-sized local businesses, charities and not-for-profits that might otherwise have been overlooked by large, multinational PR and marketing corporations. Thus giving them access to the top-quality PR advice which they both deserve and require in order to take their projects to the next level.

We also have a reputation for taking organisations that are unheard of and not obviously newsworthy, and making them a business, charity or not-for-profit that demands attention and action. We do this by making their story and unique selling points known in a compelling and interesting way. This takes great skill, ideas, strong media relationships, experience, and an innate ability to see the opportunities in each organisation and then match the best strategy to each client.

As a public relations agency in Sydney, Pure Public Relations also offers in-person media training services to local organisations, and can provide media interview training via video conference to interstate organisations.

Contact a member of our friendly team if you’d like to learn more about who we are and what we can do for you.

Pure Public Relations is a boutique PR agency, providing PR services for small businesses, nonprofit & corporates. No job too big or small. Contact us today.

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