Introducing the pets of Pure

As a fully remote agency, the way we work here at Pure Public Relations looks a little bit different to your traditional office setup. All of our employees are encouraged to work in a way that suits their individual strengths and prioritises their wellbeing. For many people in our team, being around their pets helps them perform their best day-to-day.

With research showing that working in the company of pets reduces stress and improves healthy habits, we’re lucky that every day is ‘bring your pet to work day’. Our furry friends are the unsung heroes here at Pure, so we thought it was about time that we introduced you to them.

Winnie, Chief Barking Consultant

Winnie works alongside our Editor, Josie, to make sure every client call and Zoom meeting runs smoothly. As you can tell from this photo, she takes her role very seriously and isn’t afraid to give Josie a stern look when needed.

Despite her serious demeanour, Winnie always makes sure Josie has a healthy outlet for stress and a great excuse for getting outside. What more could you ask for in a desk buddy?

Shenzi, Team Su-Paw-Visor

Named after the sassy hyena in The Lion King, Shenzi is in charge of managing the home office of our Senior Director of Performance, Savanah.

Shenzi’s responsibilities include cuddling up to Sav in between meetings, bringing plenty of joy to the office on long days, and, most importantly, setting a great example for work-life balance by sleeping on any soft surface she feels like (as pictured).

It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.

Benjamin Rabbit, Hoppiness Assistant to CEO

Benjamin Rabbit is the occasional desk partner to our CEO, Phoebe. As Hoppiness Assistant, he is responsible for minimising Zoom fatigue on days of back-to-back meetings.

Benjamin commutes to work every day from his palace in Phoebe’s backyard and is such an incredible employee that he is the exception to the ‘no furry animals inside’ rule (but only when Phoebe’s children aren’t home to see).

Benjamin loves taking initiative in his role, so much so that he often jumps onto Phoebe’s keyboard to help her with client emails. While this isn’t always helpful, Phoebe finds that he brings enough joy to her work days to make up for it.

Senior Stress Relief Team

For our talented Head of Strategy, Penelope, the days can often be extremely busy. Luckily, she has a whole team of furry friends to offer joy, comfort, and stress relief when she needs it. 

At the moment, Pen has two cats, one dog, two fish, and two rabbits and is considering adding mini Himalayan goats to the team. Judging by the way Pen makes her job look easy, we’d say these guys are adding some great value to the team!

The (unofficial) Pure Wildlife Sanctuary

Pure Publicist Robyn doesn’t technically have any pets, but she is our resident wildlife photographer. Every few days, our team is treated to a new photo of the visitors she has in her backyard, from kangaroos and their joeys to gorgeous bird life. It’s always a welcome mood booster for those of us in the team who don’t have pets at home.

If you would like to speak with a member of Pure’s animal (or human) team, you can get in touch with us here.

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