Pure People: Meet Cameron Magusic, our Media Relations Specialist

In our latest edition of Pure People, we chat with our brilliant media relations specialist Cameron Magusic about PR misconceptions, the importance of elbow grease, and taking lunch breaks seriously.

Cam has worked with leading PR agencies to deliver international, national, metro, local and industry coverage across different industries including property, lifestyle and technology.

He has also been published in outlets such as the Leader, Weekly Review, and trade outlets such as SmartCompany, One Mandate Group and Prime Creative Media.

Can you tell us a bit about your career journey and highlights so far?

I have worked in a few different marketing and communication roles, but for me, nothing beats the thrill of the media. 

I have written for several local and industry outlets and there really is nothing like seeing your name next to an article – so I understand when clients say they want the same for them!

How has the PR industry changed throughout your career?

I think the pandemic has resulted in fewer opportunities to connect with the media and brands outside of our screens. 

Tell us about one of your favourite memories while working in the industry.

I feel incredibly privileged whenever I get to share stories about the one in five Australians with a disability and those who support them. It’s so important that we never forget those who make it their goal to simply care for others. 

If ‘present you’ could give ‘past you’ one piece of career advice for when you first started in the industry, what would it be?

There’s a home for every story.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about PR from those not in the industry?

That we ‘work our magic’ to achieve results – succeeding in this role takes a lot of good old-fashioned elbow grease and research skills.

What is one thing that surprised you – or continues to surprise you – about working in PR?

Past performance doesn’t guarantee future success. Every context is different and just because an idea has worked before doesn’t mean it will work again. 

How do you think the PR industry will change in the next decade or so?

The number of content channels and platforms is set to explode, yet the basics of good storytelling that engages the public will stay the same.

How do you prioritise your wellbeing while working in the often crazy world of PR?

I take my lunch breaks seriously. It’s important to have time to reflect and let the mind wander, as oftentimes that will be when the best ideas start to emerge. 

What has been the most rewarding or exciting PR campaign you’ve worked on?

My favourite one-off campaign would have to be launching a zipline that went over Melbourne’s Yarra River in December 2021. Organising the Lord Mayor of Melbourne to be the first one to go over, and then seeing that on TV news bulletins that evening, gave me such a thrill

What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?

I enjoy checking out the latest night spots in Melbourne with friends.

I have also become a bit of a trivia fiend recently – the amount of ‘useless knowledge’ that actually comes in handy inside and outside of work is incredible. 

If you weren’t working in PR, what would you be doing?

Ticking countries off my travel bucket list. I am looking forward to next year when I will revisit Paris for the 2024 Olympics.

Describe your perfect weekend for us.

Making my patented big brunch while catching up on the latest news from overseas. I often watch American news while chowing down (#nerd), followed by a cuppa in the concrete playground of High St, Thornbury – in between a cheeky stream session or two – The Big Door Prize on Apple+ is my obscure recommendation.

In one word, how would you describe working at Pure?


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