Why in business nothing beats being your own boss

Being your own boss

Having one of those days where you really can’t remember why you started a business? Maybe you just worked a double shift because an employee called in sick, but whatever the reason, these are the days you need this reminder checklist pinned up in your office.

I’m sure you’ll agree that being a small business owner is one of the most rewarding things you could ever do.

However, I’ll bet there are certain days when you really have to remind yourself why. Maybe it’s a day where you’ve just worked a double shift because someone called in sick. Maybe you haven’t had a toilet break in four hours, despite drinking your own body weight in coffee. Maybe you’ve just realised that the only vitamin D you get is from a jar in your medicine cabinet.

Trust me, we all have days like these. These days are what keep Panadol and cafes in business! These are also the days when we need to stop and remember why we are doing what we do. Take stock and come back to the reason you started your business in the first place and let that reason motivate you to keep going.

Here are some reminders of why there’s nothing better than running your own business.

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  • You are your own boss! That means you’re at the top of the food chain. People dream about one day being in your position.
  • If you are a soloist with no client meetings you can wear whatever you like to work. Yes, even your pyjamas. If you have a meeting, why not hold it via Skype and throw a suit jacket over your teddy bear ensemble? They’ll never suspect a thing!
  • You get to do what you love and are passionate about.
  • No (or reduced) office politics since you set the culture.
  • You can paint your office bright pink, or plaster it with Harry Potter posters. It’s your office – do whatever you like!
  • You choose how business profits are spent and what your income should be.
  • You can work to your own schedule. That means you can start early every day and finish up just as school is out, run errands at any time or work extra hard at the beginning of the week so you can give yourself a long weekend!
  • Running your own business makes you more confident in your abilities.
  • You can adopt a pet for the office (just be mindful of OH&S).
  • No need for you to suffer workplace bullying (although we beat ourselves up from time to time.)
  • You are only limited by your own imagination and ability to seek assistance.
  • No, or fewer, pointless team meetings.
  • The size of your business means you can be closer to the ground to see the fruits of your labour and experience the difference your business makes to others.
  • Pens don’t disappear from the stationary cupboard… as often.
  • You can hire whomever you want to work with, thereby minimising the risk of having annoying colleagues.

Feel better?

What do you like most about running your own small business? Add your reasons to the list!

This article was written by Phoebe Netto, Managing Director of Good Business Consulting, and was originally published in Dynamic Business.

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