How’s your vision?

Vision is a picture of an unrealised future. It’s where or what you’re headed toward.

Walt Disney passed away before Disney World in Florida was built. At the opening dedication in 1971 someone commented to Mike Vance, creative director of Walt Disney Studios, “Isn’t it too bad [Walt] didn’t live to see this?”

“He did see it,” Vance replied. “That’s why it’s here.”

Have you become so busy working in your business that you have forgotten what your vision is?

Is it time for your team to have a clearer understanding of your business’ vision and the direction and steps needed to get there?

What do you do to keep focused on your clear vision?

6 thoughts on “How’s your vision?”

  1. Great post Phoebe!

    The importance of vision is often underestimated.

    I think that the start of any project is not in the physical sense, but rather at the time when someone had a vision and started the journey.

    People often confuse a dream with vision and consider vision as sperate to initiating and realising a project or work.

  2. Generally speaking, dreams are relatively vague and not something that can be actioned upon. Vision is an evolution of a dream that has focus and direction that is ready for a pathway and action.

    I think you have answered it well when you say “Vision is a picture of an unrealised future. It’s where or what you’re headed toward.”

    The crystal clarity of Walt Disney’s vision is what enabled the Disney World to become a reality.

  3. Thank you very much Jay. I agree and would add that a vision has a certain amount of detail in how you see it in the immediate future.

    My wise mother recently said, “A dream is nothing more than a big challenge you put on yourself.”

    Does a dream lead to a vision?

  4. My mantra on success is based how happy you are today and why do you do what you do- I aim for a simple life and these days it is hard to achieve for many- I also ask myself every day do I enjoy what I am doing but also the way I am doing it- and it is the reason why I can say no each week to wholesale, I can say no I don’t want to earn buckets of money- I want to enjoy my family, grow my vegies and run my business on the ethos of local economy involving family and friends and getting to know my customers as people- so much more rewarding than just selling product. My vision is simple- a long and healthy life with friends and family enabled by what I do for a living- not for what I earn for a living

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