The power of enthusiasm

As a marketing and public relations consultant, I can help position you as an expert that is ‘good to do business with’.

However, you can never be positioned as anything more than ‘good’ if you are missing that special intangible quality that separates average business owners from inspiring powerhouses that you are confident to do business with.


Can you think of one successful business owner who is not passionate about their business and what it offers?

[blockquote text=”Business owners who are obsessed with what they do have a contagious enthusiasm that automatically benefits their business and sets them apart from their competition.
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When it comes to raising your profile and getting your name out there, clever marketing can compensate a little for a lack of enthusiasm for your business, but not enough to compete with above-average business owners. In a small business, the owner’s enthusiasm is much more crucial than in the owner of a larger business which has many other public faces who can demonstrate passion and enthusiasm.

It is far better for your good business and your own enthusiasm to market itself through a positive reputation and repeat sales. This can then be maximised through public relations and marketing and extended to those who have not yet had a chance to stop and notice your enthusiasm.

If your enthusiasm for your business is dwindling, it is time to shake things up!

One of the most rewarding aspects of being Managing Director of Good Business Consulting is hearing feedback from small business owners who leave our planning meetings invigorated with a new sense of excitement for what they are working towards.

Do yourself and your business a favour and reinvigorate those ‘tired’ areas of your business. Give your marketing a good kick in the pants and put in place some milestones to work towards.

How do you remain enthusiastic about your business?

What have you done to revive your passion and enthusiasm in the past?

Want a little enthusiasm (and a bit of a laugh) to start your week off? Take a look at this drummer:

Start playing at 00:47


4 thoughts on “The power of enthusiasm”

  1. Sally Foley-Lewis

    I can’t help but wonder how much more ‘enthusiastic’ the drummer would be if he wasn’t wearing the jacket!!
    Dude has his mojo workin’!

    Excellent example of enthusiasm for your work, business, passion!
    Thanks, Phoebe

  2. I think all small businesses should come with one of those mojo jackets to help with those weeks when it all seems too hard!

    Thanks for another great piece Phoebe. I’ve had a few difficult weeks where my work input doesn’t appear (at least to me) to be paying off. So my enthusiasm has waned a tad. Time to pick it up again!


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