Brace yourself for growth in the new year

We are now at that time of the year when many go on holidays, and even those who don’t take a break are not really interested in any more spending or business. So unless your business offering is in demand during Christmas shopping or Boxing Day sales, this is generally a quiet time for small business. I often hear small businesses bemoaning the December-January period as they see it as bad for business.

Of course you need to prepare for this to be a quiet time, but you don’t need to treat it as a ‘ride off’. Use the quiet time to prepare for growth.

Create systems and processes, automate tasks and plan customer care

In a growth period, a small business will suffer if there is a lack of consistency, systems, processes, outsourcing and customer care. If you do not have these areas under control mistakes will be made, existing clients may feel neglected, your workload will not be sustainable, and you will not encourage long-term growth.

Analyse your time

Small businesses should see quieter periods such as the Christmas break as opportunities to prepare their business for growth. Start by analysing how your time is spent and assess what should be cut back on, invested more in, and outsourced to make sure your time leads to profit. As part of this process, create systems and processes for your business that streamline your activity and also make it possible for work to be handed over to extra help when needed.


This is not the time to take a step back in your marketing. In fact, this is the time use marketing to leverage your current position and generate even more long-term success. Ensure your business is known, liked and trusted by the right people.
When your business experiences periods of growth with new customers, think of your business as a family who welcomes a newborn baby into their world. While they are excited about the new baby and pay so much attention to caring for its many needs, they cannot neglect the existing family members who still need love, attention and a feeling of importance. Make sure you invest just as much marketing and care into your existing clients as you will when you have new prospects. This will ensure your growth is more than a fleeting moment, and is instead a permanent state for your business..

Merry Christmas!

On behalf of the Good Business Consulting team, I would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas, a refreshing holiday and a prosperous New Year! We will keep our blog going over the holiday period for those of you whose line of work means that is a busy time of year for your business, and also for those naughty small business owners who struggle to switch off from work while on holidays…


All the best,

Phoebe Netto
Phoebe Netto, Managing Director, Good Business Consulting

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