Video: The threat of AI on bad creatives

In this video, Pure Public Relations founder, Phoebe Netto, explains why Generative AI tools like ChatGPT won’t easily replace talented and strategic creatives.

Talk of Generative AI has been dominating the marketing and media industry for months now, and it’s easy to see why. With the rise of highly intelligent tools such as ChatGPT and their capacity to create content in the blink of an eye, many creatives are asking a confronting question: will AI put me out of a job?

The answer isn’t so simple.

There is no denying that this technology is already having an impact on the industry. For instance, a Sydney communications agency recently posted a job ad seeking a “Freelance ChatGPT Prompt Editor” in lieu of a content editor. The job description described someone who could efficiently generate content using ChatGPT, making it clear that they had no interest in copywriters who wanted to create content from scratch.

This may be one of the first creative agencies to post a job advertisement like this, but it certainly won’t be the last. Generative AI is the perfect tool for businesses that want to churn out mediocre content. After all, when you’re focusing on quantity over quality, ChatGPT doesn’t look so bad. 

But while the job advertisement says the days of human copywriters are behind us, this will only ring true for brands whose creative teams aren’t good enough to go up against AI.

Brands and agencies prioritising the quality of their content won’t easily replace their human creatives. ChatGPT, despite its efficiency, still falls short in providing the depth, nuance, and craftsmanship that skilled creative professionals offer. It can’t grasp complex client expectations, establish personal connections to topics, or truly understand critical issues like cultural sensitivities, contextual information, or audience mindsets.

But that doesn’t mean AI won’t have its niche in our field. Many creatives will likely use it for research, creating first drafts, or gaining fast insight into subject matter without extensive Google searches. For small businesses and startups, AI may also become a valuable resource, allowing them to achieve more when faced with time and budget constraints.

AI may become a more integrated part of our industry, but it cannot replace the spirit, passion, empathy, and talent that you can find in human professionals. After all, ChatGPT can’t write an award-winning piece of journalism or connect with audiences in the same way that human copywriters can. In the end, smart money – and brands – will always bet on the power of human expertise and creativity.

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