What are you communicating?

This post deserves some attention. It could be one of the missing keys to greater customer loyalty and to receiving more from your staff.

We don’t need to be reminded of the importance of clear communication, but we often need to be reminded of the importance of consistent and compelling communication.

Communication is a skill that can take you anywhere in the world and can help you conquer any challenge. Today there is a very complex communication environment. The media remain an important way to reach large numbers of people. However, podcasting, YouTube, small group meetings, exhibitions, surveys, interactive conversations, websites, stunts, letters and annual reports are just some of the ways people are influenced.

Face-to-face conversations are replaced by emails, and instead of giving instructions we send people links.  This is not always wrong, but it is why we need to be very aware of what and how we communicate as well as how our action (or inaction) is perceived.

Are you aware of the impact of what you do, what you say, the way you say it and what you aren’t saying?

What you say has a direct impact on your business’ sales and on your staff engagement.  Furthermore, your silence has a huge impact on your bottom line and success.

People are constantly forming impressions of you and your business, regardless of what you say. This is because you are always communicating something in the way you behave, through your reputation, and the impressions you leave people with.

Therefore, to ensure you have loyal clients and staff who are motivated and engaged, you must constantly communicate clear and powerful messages. This includes:


Express your gratitude for their business, support, loyalty and input.



Constantly remind your audience what value they are receiving by doing business with you. This needs to be done in a subtle, approachable and friendly way – not in an arrogant or ‘salesy’ way. Do they understand the work that you do behind the scenes to produce the good work that they have come to expect?


Show that you are personally interested in your staff and clients. Small thoughtful gifts and gestures can go a long way.


Reinforce that you are good at what you do and that you run a deserving business. This does not need to be proud or boastful, but it is to reassure and confirm to your clients that they can feel confident in trusting you.


Forward your followers positive media coverage that you or your organisation receives, demonstrate thought leadership, position yourself as a helpful expert and give intelligent advice.

Awareness and insight

Know what is going on in the industry that you work on and also in the industries that your clients are in. Knowing what is going on in the industry that you work on and also in the industries that your clients are in. This not only allows you to act on things early, predict and respond to change, but also helps communicate to your followers and clients that you are knowledgeable, up to date and that you care about what they care about.

You can do this by sending them articles of interest, inviting them to industry events, giving them relevant books, creating summaries and updates as a value-add that helps them.

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Make sure you are constantly communicating messages that create the reputation and environment that you want, rather than leaving it to chance.  This is a vital key to increasing your followers as a leader, growing your influence, and compelling more people to follow to business with you.

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  • What has your experience been – both in the receiving and giving end of communication?

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  • Have you seen where constant communication has been lacking in a business relationship?

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  • How does your business constantly communicate?


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