What they don’t tell you about working in PR

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in the PR industry? While the TV and movies might make you believe it’s nothing but parties, champagne, and celebrities, you might be surprised to learn what goes on behind the scenes at a PR agency.

The team at Pure have put together a list of little-known PR facts to give you a glimpse at what it’s really like working in PR. From learning to keep your cool while in the same room as public figures to correcting people when they mistakenly think you work in HR, here’s what you need to know.

What they don’t tell you…

  • The job doesn’t stop with the client – you will spend a lot of time talking to journalists and maintaining relationships with the media.
  • You learn to read between the lines of every media story.
  • You get reeeaaaallly comfortable with rejection.
  • Every BBQ conversation will have the potential to lead to an idea for a client or a media story… so you might find yourself running off and writing it down half-way through dinner.
  • You will be quoted simply as “spokesperson” for that meticulously crafted comment you spent hours perfecting.
  • You’ll use savvy media training techniques to navigate tricky conversations with your family. “I can see why you would ask that, but actually, your school does want the best for you…”
  • People will be confused by what PR means. Some will think you’re in HR. Some will even think you are an immigration specialist and enquire with you about becoming a permanent resident (PR).
  • You no longer take being ghosted personally.
  • You automatically read any politician’s statement knowing how much it was crafted by spin doctors (no, they’re probably not resigning to “spend time with family”).
  • As much as we wish it was sometimes, our jobs aren’t as glamorous and carefree as they are in the movies.
  • You quickly become an expert in many different industries.
  • People will always ask you: “So do you write the stories in the paper?”
  • You’ll become the unsung heroes that most people have never heard of, saving brands from PR crises and reputational ruin.
  • You no longer get phased working with high-profile people, and a lot of people will be confused as to why you didn’t get a photo with that celebrity/politician/public figure.
  • You get used to hearing the words you’ve written spoken in parliament, on TV, and in the press.
  • You don’t need to give away a 10 million dollar house to get coverage (most of us don’t, anyway).

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