Which type of media coverage is right for you: industry, business, or consumer?

Creating a PR strategy can be overwhelming – there are so many different types of outlets out there, that it can be difficult to know where to start. 

In order to make things simpler, I like to break down outlets into the following specific categories: industry, business, and consumer.

Industry media is trade media that is specific to your line of work. For example, publications like Engineers Australia for an engineering firm, or Inside Retail for a shop fit-out specialist. 

Industry outlets help demonstrate credibility that creates a preference for your business and helps you stand out from the competitors in your industry. 

If your potential clients look your business up online and see that your business has been profiled or quoted in industry publications, it helps to build your reputation and gives you an edge over your competitors. 

Once you’re published in these publications, you can put the stories on your website, in your social media content, and share them in your new business proposals and other marketing. Think of them as a reputation-building stamp of approval.

Next up is business media. This is media that reports on small business, big business, or entrepreneurs. Think Smart Company or Forbes. The purpose of business media is to demonstrate your unique selling points, prove your success, and showcase your effective work, expertise and professionalism.

It is far more impressive to have a media outlet show these factors than to have you talk about yourself and promote those factors. Of course, you are going to say you have a great business, but seeing it in an external publication is a much more authentic way to prove it.

You can use this coverage in the same way as the industry media coverage, and it is also seen by your ideal clients who read these publications and watch or hear these shows or podcasts. It can help build trust and create preference for your business.

Finally, we have consumer-focused media. Your target consumer publications will vary depending on who your ideal customers are. 

It might be lifestyle media like breakfast TV, parenting sites, sports fan magazines, local newspapers, blogs, industry media read by your ideal client, major newspapers, and in-flight magazines – there’s a lot out there. 

If you’re stuck, a strategic PR agency can help you identify the right media outlets to reach your potential customers and ensure relevancy to your specific product or service.

Get in touch with Pure Public Relations today to find out how our expert team of creatives can craft a tailored PR campaign for your business.

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