Why telling the world about your wins isn’t arrogant: Podcast

Don’t have time to listen to endless hours of podcasts, but still want some great business advice? We have some for you, because Pure Public Relations’ founder, Phoebe Netto, was recently a guest on The 60 Second Mentor podcast.

In just 60 seconds, she shares some great advice about why we shouldn’t be scared to tell the world about our wins. In a world of shouty business owners, it’s important to be heard above the noise.

Her snappy advice can be boiled down to one clear message: telling the world about your wins is not arrogance, it’s helping others see how you can help them.

Listen to the episode here, or read the full transcript below:

Pure Public Relations founder Phoebe Netto on 60 Second Mentor podcast


Telling the world about your wins is not arrogance, it’s simply stating facts. If people are looking at what business to choose from, they are not going to know who is actually better at what they’re doing, or they can say, is your promotion. The plain Jane is not going to get chosen over the person that is shouting about their wins, even if the plain Jane is actually better at what they do. So you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t share your wins.


Things like award wins, client testimonials, none of that is you saying, “I am the best.” That’s simply using the social proof of others to demonstrate that you are good at what you do and that the claims that you’re making about your business are true. And then that’s not seen as arrogant, that’s simply stating facts. That’s really important if a business wants to compel people to do business with them or accept their call to action.

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