How to get your potential client’s attention

The key is to get to know your ideal customers and work out how to best reach them in many different ways.

That’s how the previous post ended, and this post is going to show you one of the ways to do that.

Assuming you’ve done your research and have identified your ideal client, you now need to get their attention.

Keep in mind the following important points from the last post about turning your marketing into sales:

You cannot assume that because people see an advertisement for your business that they are going to part with their money and give it to you.

Remember, people must either switch brands or purchase something for the first time if they are to do business with you. They are also required to commit time, money, effort and consideration to do so. Except in rare circumstances, it takes multiple marketing tactics to convince people that your business is worth parting with their money for.

There are several considerations you must have when deciding which marketing tools you should use to target your ideal customers, including budget, reach, previous experience and scheduling.

Your first step is to look into your ideal customer’s life and see what information they take in and what influences them.

9 hour media consumption
A simplistic chart of someone’s media consumption in the space of nine hours

For example:

  • Are they listening to a particular radio station on the way to work?
  • Do they attend a regular industry event?
  • Would they walk in the city in their lunch break where you could give them free samples?
  • Whose opinions do they trust?
  • Would you find them at a kids sporting activity on a Saturday that could have your business’ sponsorship?
  • Do they read journals or industry trade publications?
  • Do they do business with a business or organisation that could refer you or offer a special deal to do business with you?
  • Do they log in to facebook every day?

Now go make sure your business is in as many of those avenues as possible.

Reach your ideal customers at multiple touch points that address different needs and remember: persistence, consistency and patience is key. Give it time before you measure and tweak your plan of attack or throw your hands in the air and give up. It takes repetition over time before your business will be front of mind for your potential clients.

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