Interview with Jen Bishop: Part Two

Jen Bishop, Publisher and Editor of Dynamic Business

Good Business Consulting is pleased to bring you a Q&A with someone who knows small business very well.

In fact she publishes and edits Australia’s highest circulating magazine for SMEs.

This is Part Two of our interview with Jen Bishop, Publisher and Editor, Dynamic Business (you can view Part One here).

As an editor you are constantly innovating and keeping the publication fresh. What advice would you give to a small business owner in regard to innovation and keeping their business, offering and presentation fresh?

Look at what your competition are doing and ask yourself what your customer wants and if you’re meeting (and then exceeding) their needs.

What value do you see in public relations and marketing for small business?

I think PR in particular can be very good for small business and help them stand out from the crowd as credible in a crowded market.

Having PR representation gives a small business a more professional edge. Big businesses generally have PR and there’s no reason why smaller businesses shouldn’t compete on a level playing field. It’s often very hard for small business owners to see outside their business and know which are the interesting and newsworthy stories they have to tell to a larger audience. A PR agency can help them do this.

There is a place for marketing too and these days there are affordable options such as using Google AdWords which many small businesses use to great effect.

If a small business wanted to be featured in Dynamic Business how should they go about it?

Most small businesses make it into the magazine either because they are using PR or because they have seen me call out for case studies or comment for a particular article on Twitter. So follow me @jenbishopsydney! I also sometimes use the Sourcebottle service ( which gives small businesses a way to connect with journalists who are looking for people to interview.

Any other advice you’d like to give to the sole operators and small business owners reading this?

In my opinion, the three biggest things I’d suggest to help you grow your business at the current time would be social media, cloud computing and PR.

You can read Part One of our interview with Jen Bishop click here.

  • Do you have any questions for Jen?
  • Do you agree with the importance of PR and marketing in business?

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