Interview with Jen Bishop: Part One

Jen Bishop, Publisher and Editor of Dynamic Business

Good Business Consulting is pleased to bring you a Q&A with someone who knows small business very well.

In fact she publishes and edits Australia’s highest circulating magazine for SMEs.

This is the first part of an interview with Jen Bishop, Publisher and Editor, Dynamic Business.

You are a very busy lady! You engage with your readers, coordinate industry events such as Speed Networking for small business owners and PRJournoLove, and at the same time ensure the publication is profitable full of quality content.

How do you fit all of this in? Do you have any productivity tips for small business owners?

I’ve always worked fast and been a good multi-tasker and I think this comes from training on daily newspapers. Being an editor also requires you to take a big picture, overall view, which means you’re used to having a lot of different projects (or magazine issues!) on the go at the same time.

My productivity tips for small business owners would be to concentrate on the bits of the job you enjoy and are good at and outsource the things which are time-consuming and where you don’t have strengths.

Use your time better rather than working longer hours. I’m a big list maker. There’s nothing like crossing things off when they’re done! And when it comes to finding time for the nice-to-do’s like the gym, schedule them into your diary ahead, as if they were a business meeting, and schedule the rest around them.

What motivates you?

Putting out the best magazine I can, which is better than the competition and always better than the previous issue. Being a people manager and getting the best out of members of my team is also very satisfying and rewarding.

What interests you in small business?

I’m most interested in entrepreneurs, how their minds work, what drives them and the secrets of their success. I’m by no means a business brain myself but I find it fascinating. I’m also interested in the latest trends to impact on small business and help them grow, like technology and social media.

You see many small businesses and every month feature successful and inspirational small businesses in your magazine. What do you see as the common traits or qualities of successful small businesses?

Passion, determination and surrounding themselves with good people.

Come back next Monday to read Part Two of Jen Bishop’s interview.

Until then,

  • Do you have any questions for Jen?
  • What do you think are the traits of a successful small business?

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