Part One: Abandon the spam approach, and save money

If you are still selling products to the masses in this era of the niche and choice, you are missing out on the opportunity to do more with less – something that is very important to a small business.

Rather than take the ‘spam approach’ why not make each opportunity for impact count?

This is more important now than ever before. Why?

Well, previously we all read the same news, watched the same shows, and listened to the same ‘top of the charts’ music. Now, the choices are endless with a niche for everything and avenues for countless specialties and interests.

Take for example the expensive investment of conventions/exhibitions. Despite the large cost and effort for all involved, there is incredible specialisation – from the very popular ADX Dental Exhibition to the National Poultry Exhibition. People are less interested in what is sold to the masses.

So how does targeting specialised markets and individuals with common interests differ to marketing to the masses?

For a bike shop that might mean that instead of advertising your bike products on television or The Daily Telegraph online, you have an agreement with a bike blog where they trial your product for free. Or you might partner with a fitness centre and run a competition for their members where the winners receive a new set of bike tyres from your business.

Alternatively, if you only focus on one niche market, it might be time to consider a bespoke approach to multiple niches. For example, a makeup brand that only focuses on beauty magazines and blogs could start to also target working mums who need a quick and effective makeup routine and would benefit from your advice when they are on twitter.

The result is:

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  • greater return on investment
  • more defined objectives
  • better use of your time and resources
  • clearer direction for your business.


.Your sales and workflow can also become more predictable as you find your niche industries to target, making it easier to budget and plan time off.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear what a targeting a specialised market would mean to your business.

Also, do you have any success stories from marketing to people with common interests and niche markets?

8 thoughts on “Part One: Abandon the spam approach, and save money”

  1. Hi Phoebe,

    This is a timely message – thank you. I would just add that targeted marketing approaches can be tested quickly and easily online, before even committing to one particular campaign. It’s never been easier nor more accountable.

    Best to you, Robin 🙂

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