Get small but think big

Besides the obvious benefits of running a small business (such as lower overheads) look at some of the possibilities for small businesses that never existed before:

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  • Flexible working, even more so now thanks to mobile working using the internet.
  • Something small can be part of a big network. For example, a small cottage industry at home can sell goods on an online craft store, and a vintage book specialist can make money through
  • Want to sell your product to a targeted market? You don’t need to fight for a spot on the shelf in 1,000 stores. You can now sell to anyone in the world online.


Clearly, small is the new big (kudos to Seth Godin to reminding us of this). Sure a small industrial parts company is competing against bigger manufacturing giants, but unless your business goal is to be as big as them, being small is not at all a disadvantage.

As a small business owner, you have countless tools available to you and you can do many things that big businesses find hard to do.

For example, you may be stuck selling a product that doesn’t change the world in a market that is crowded, old and competitive.

That’s really too bad.

But you may have great customer service or a unique selling model, and that’s what people talk about and buy.

The key is to get small, but thing big. The possibilities are endless for small businesses, and that’s one of the reasons why I love my job. I get to help small businesses think big.

What about you – why do you love running a small business?

What are some of the new opportunities that you have embraced as a small business owner?

What can you do better than big businesses?


Feel free to use the comments section here to brag and give yourselves pats on the back!

14 thoughts on “Get small but think big”

  1. Great post Phoebe – There is a reason that Small Business is the backbone of our economy!

    I personally love my small business(es) because they give me the flexibility to enjoy the lifestyle I want to live.

    – Jake

  2. One thing I love about running a small business is the opportunity to be creative. Whether it’s marketing, networking or any other aspect, I love being in full control of how I promote my business and how others potentially perceive it. That doesn’t mean it’s not good to gauge that perception and alter the methods, but at least it’s up to me to follow up and rethink on a regular basis. Great article, Phoebe!

  3. Hi Jake,

    Thanks for visiting the site.

    Congratulations on being the first to comment on the new blog. Fruit hamper is coming your way!

    I would have to agree re flexibility. While most small business owners work extremely hard, they are completely in control and if they manage their systems and outsourcing well they can have the working hours and working environment that they choose.

    Flexibility and control are two of the reasons I love running my own small business to help other small businesses.


  4. Thanks Gina.

    It also means that you are the only one to blame if things aren’t right! I for one think there is not enough personal responsibility taken in business. However, this is a problem you rarely find in small business, where everything is personal to the business owner.

    The buck does stop with the owner as they are the brand and face of the business. For your business Gina I know this is certainly a positive and one of the reasons I am happy to do business with you! Well done.

  5. You’re right Fiona. In fact bigger businesses are now paying public relations agencies to help them install many of the qualities that small businesses should be known for: customer service, personal attention, innovation, niche products/services etc.

  6. Hi Chris, thanks for that. This was exactly the kind of discussion I was hoping to generate.

    So many businesses focus on price, but the reality is I would be happy to pay a little more to get great service, care and consistency. If I didn’t care about customer service and being able to speak to the business owner (or someone embedded in the business), then I would go to big business. Often a small business brings more experience or expertise to the table as they have specialised in an area.

    I love the passion that many small business owners have. The most passionate are often the ones who are savvy enough to innovate and address new needs that emerge.

    In fact, if you are a small business owner, why don’t you spend some time today thinking about how you can take this unique selling point and let your clients and potential clients know about it?

  7. It is the small business owners who have to remember to think big but act small. Alot of the time we try to seem bigger than we are but it is the small personal service people like.

    Good article.

  8. Great post Phoebe. A couple extra thoughts on the topic: A lot of people prefer working with small business for the added value in customer service you get, you talk and work with the boss the whole way through. Plus, being a small business you can easily adapt and embrace new market trends compared to bigger competitors.

  9. Whoa. I hadn’t thought about this like that. I’m bookmarking this to read your other posts later. I have a number of other websites to visit and discovered this while searching for some info for school.

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